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Selangor International Expo ends on a high note

The Selangor International Expo ended today with great success and numerous accomplishments and accolades.

Selangor state senior executive councillor for invetment, industry & Commerce, SME & Transportation Datuk Teng Chang Kim said the event has proven sceptics wrong and that is not too big for Selangor to handle and that it is able to organise in less than a year.

Teng said visitorship is expected to touch 16,000 in 2017 exceeding 2016 and business transactions doubled to more than RM200 millionthis year compared to last year.

“Looking at the summit as a whole, the event attracted 25,000 visitors in total taking into account the Smart City and Future Commerce Convention all attracting a total of 760 booths.

This has positioned Selangor as a global trading hub and will be part of Asean’s growth as well as gateway for traders, entrepreneurs and investors.

Selangor International Business 2018 will be held from September 6-16 and will be expanded to also include food and halal entrepreneurs in the region.

Teng said it is the state’s intention to strengthen Asean collaboration via the Selangor-Asean business conference which will lead the way for new business opportunities in the region.

Kudos to Selangor for organising the summit which will benefit the business community as well as the people of Selangor.


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