Two friends, Taufik Abdullah from Yemen and a student in Malaysia, and Ahmed Al-Yaffi from Yemen living in Holland came to the Selangor International Expo as they were recommended by their friend.

There is nothing specific they are looking for, but they welcome to see new things for knowledge and improving business. Ahmed also owns a chocolate business in Holland and cattle business in Australia, so he wants to see what Selangor/Malaysia has to offer.

So far, they think the expo is a little small, but they are excited to see and learn new things and products.


Puan Shahilla Abd. Latif from Denai Alam got to know about the Selangor International Expo through word of mouth. Her motive of coming here is specifically to visit Dr. Bazrul’s booth as she and family have been consuming Dr. Bazrul’s honey since last October. Her mother who is a stroke and type 2 Diabetes patient observed the product giving a good result on her glucose level.

Puan Shahilla came here to purchase more bottles of the honey for the family. At the same time, she and her daughters continue to walk around and visit other booths of interest.

She has bought a few food products and wants to explore more local and halal products. Killing two birds with one stone, she also aims to support the local products.

Puan Shahilla finds expo like this interesting. By coming here, she is exposed to more new products that can benefit her and family. She hopes more awareness about the expo can be spread as she feels many more people can benefit from it. She will definitely attend next year’s Selangor International Expo!


Mr. Ee Cheong Hoe from Kota Kemuning saw the advertisement on the Selangor International Expo and decided to attend to find out what the expo has to offer. He is specifically interested to look for industrial land for a potential business.

Mr. Ee is also looking forward to see Malaysian products, new things and especially businesses from the Malay market. This is because, according to him, more businesses out there are usually by the non-Malays.

As a person who loves to learn about new things Mr. Ee will come back to expose himself to new products or services. He has no comments so far, but he hopes more events such as this should be organised in the future!


En. Wan Mohd. Ruhzusi bin Wan Jusoh and wife, Pn. Roslina bt. Che Hashim from Shah Alam saw the advertisement on the Selangor International Expo and thought their family should come and have a look. They took the opportunity at this visit to gain knowledge about available products in the market. “The best thing about these expos is that customers can ask more about a product or service and give their direct feedback which is a good thing for the customers and companies,” said Puan Roslina.

Furthermore, Puan Roslina said that some of the companies also promoted about doing business. The companies shared knowledge of their products and services that can help individuals open a potential business. If given the opportunity, Puan Roslina and family would surely come to next year’s Selangor International Expo.


Hoping to visit a friend’s booth, a businessman from Kuala Lumpur, Mr. Aslam Abdullah took some time to drop by at the Selangor International Expo. He heard about the expo and thought to take a look with his own eyes to see whether it is a good opportunity for him to participate in future Selangor International Expos.

One of the main criteria he looks at is the crowd and quality of exhibitors. As he just arrived at the fair, he is yet to take a look at what are being offered here. Should there be an opportunity next year, Mr. Aslam will consider about being a participant.

(in the pic is also his friend, Ms. Areza bt. Mohamad, Sales and Marketing from CLE Coin Sdn. Bhd.)